Free Meditation course in Brussels

Learn how to meditate and bring inner peace, acceptance, love and wisdom into your life.

.Next classes : NOVEMBER 2019 

About our classes

At the request of our teacher Sri Chinmoy all of our classes are offered free of charge.

What you will learn:

  • How to still the mind and open the heart.
  • Develop inner qualities such as peace, joy, acceptance and compassion.
  • – Learn a wide variety of meditation techniques to practice at home.


‘If we pray and meditate soulfully,
Then our tomorrows will laugh
At our today’s problems.’ 

Sri Chinmoy

Extrait du livre: "La Méditation"

Our meditation teachers

Learn from down-to-earth meditation instructors with many years of experience.

Abhinabha Tangerman from The Netherlands has over twenty years of meditation experience and regularly gives free meditation classes in his home city of Amsterdam. He is an avid marathon runner with a personal best of 2:27. Abhinabha also has his own music group where he plays guitar and sings.



Nivedak Corradini from Milano, Italy has been meditating for over 30 years. He became a student of Sri Chinmoy in the eighties and has travelled the world giving lectures and classes on meditation and spirituality. Nivedak is a sports lover and an accomplished long-distance runner. He loves singing and is part of a choir dedicated to the spiritual songs of Sri Chinmoy.

Kailash Beyer has a degree in psychology and has studied meditation for over 40 years on the spiritual path of Sri Chinmoy. Kailash owns an international import and export company in Zurich, Switzerland. He is an avid marathon runner and a dedicated singer specialized in the spiritual songs of Sri Chinmoy.


Satyaki Perlick from Vienna, Austria is a business owner and has been teaching meditation for over thirty years. He has introduced thousands of seekers to the philosophy and practice of meditation, which he learned from his teacher Sri Chinmoy.

Meditation related activities

Our teacher Sri Chinmoy inspired us to use the qualities and talents that meditation brought us in other area’s of life as well. Here are some of the things we do to augment our spiritual practice.


raceRunning plays a very important role in our spiritual lives. Sri Chinmoy often said that meditation and running share a special link and that both activities strengthen one another. Running is a wonderful way to keep the body fit and receptive, so that the energies of meditation can flow through it without obstructions. We often organize races for the general public to show that physical fitness and spiritual health can go together.


Music for meditation – free download

Spiritual music has a tremendous capacity to elevate our consciousness. Springing from the heart and the soul, spiritual music helps us in our meditation to attain states of deep peace and fulfilling joy. During our classes we introduce music and singing as powerful meditation tools to strengthen your own meditation practice and help you become a better human being.

Many of our class-givers are also singers and musicians, as Sri Chinmoy himself was an accomplished musician and composer. Listen to a fragment of meditation music below. Or visit the Radio Sri Chinmoy website for more meditation music.

Running for Peace

Sri Chinmoy created the Peace Run in 1989 as a way to offer the message of world-peace and world-oneness in a dynamic and inspiring way. The Peace Runs takes place every year and involves teams of runners carrying a Peace Torch through many countries. The Peace Run has visited Belgium and Brussels many times, inclusing visits to the European Parliament.


Sri Chinmoy was also a prolific painter. He called his art ‘jharna kala’, which is Bengali for fountain-art. The name points to the spontaneous flow of his art, that sprung from the depths of his meditation. Sri Chinmoy also drew millions of ‘soul-birds’, figurative drawings of birds representing the human soul. Below are a few examples of his artwork.